Energy Materials Group
Thin Film Physics Division
Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM)

Link√∂ping University 


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dr. biplab paul


Research Interests

  • Development of advanced thermoelectric materials for power generation and refrigeration purpose.   
  • Thin film and flexible materials for wearable electronics and devices.
  • Design and fabriaction of advanced instruments for the study of phononic and electronic transport properties of materials.


Dr. Paul is investigating for the development of low cost novel techniques for faster growth of high performance thermoelectric oxide thin/thick films suitable for industrial upscaling. Recently, he has developed a novel two two-step sputtering/annealing method for the growth of textured Ca3Co4O9 thin films, which is cheaper in cost and suitable for industrial upscaling(B. Paul et al. Adv. Electron. Mater. 1, 1400022(2015)).

Currently, Dr. Paul conducting research for technology upgradation from thin films to flexible films for practical realization of flexible thermoelectric micro-converters to power wearable electronics from body heat. He is investigating on how to endow flexibility in rigid oxide materials by microstructural engineering.

Flexible thermoelectric converter can easily be integrated on electronic microsystem for on-chip cooling purpose. With constant miniaturization of electronic microsystems the power dissipation by them is rapidly increasing and removal of this dissipated heat is essentially required for their stable and reliable performance. So far, no other technologiey but thermoelectric can be fit for localized cooling of electronic microsystems. Thus, future advancements in electronics is depending on the development of thermoelectric micro-refrigerators which can be integrated in small space.