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dr. biplab paul



Dr. Biplab Paul is an expert in thermoelectric materials and design and fabrication of modules for transport measurement (e.g. Seebeck coefficient or thermoelectric power, electrical resistivity, Hall effect, thermal conductivity) from Linkoping University, Sweden and working there since 2012. His research interests include nanostructured materials, thin film materials, layered materials, different thin film growth techniques(e.g. PVD, CVD and chemical methods), bulk crystal growth, etc.

Currently, Dr. Paul is focusing on oxide materials for building thermoelectric converters for power generation and refrigeration purposes. In Linkoping University, he is initiating a new research line in the area of flexible thermoelectric to power wearable electronics from body heat. His goal is to endow flexibility in rigid oxide materials through materials engineering so that next generation oxides can be applicable for smart applications like smart textiles, on-chip cooling and flexible oxide-based electronic applications.

In 2011 Dr. Paul joined Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain and worked on compositionally graded materials for realizing unidirectional heat transport for practical realization of thermal diode. He was also involved in method development for the study of cross plane heat transport in thin films (3Omega method).

Dr. Paul got his Ph. D. in 2011 from Materials Science Centre, India Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. During his Ph. D. he demonstrated several interesting strategies for decoupling electronic transport from that of phononic transport for their quasi-independent tuning for higher thermoelectric efficiency. An exceptional contribution from his Ph. D. studies was to conceive, develop and implement novel designs for characterization of thermoelectric properties.

Dr. Paul received his B. Sc. in physics, chemistry and mathematics at University of Calcutta and M. Sc. in physics from Visva-Bharati University. He has a long term research goal to lead an independent research team for finding the alternative environment friendly power solutions contributing to the development of carbon free economy.